Skiathos island experiences

Skiathos is a unique island as it offers numerous of opportunities to enjoy your holidays. It suits to all tastes but especially to families and couples who are looking for relax, to people that love the nature and especially the hiking as there are numerous of paths to explore the whole island, to religious people as there are plenty of small churches built at the most precipitous places that celebrating during the summer (during the break of the mass you can hear the priest reading Alexandros Papadiamantis stories, who was a very famous writer with the name of whom Skiathos island is absolutely connected, That is why the main street of the island and the airport have his name). You have also the opportunity to visit Alex.Papadiamantis house which is at the island center. You should not miss of course to visit Evaggelistria Monastery of Skiathos as it is the most historical monastery in the island built in 1794.

The thing that makes the island unique is the green that is all around it and the wonderful beaches that provides. The combination of the green with the blue sea is really magic.

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How to reach Skiathos Island

You can reach Skiathos either by plane or ferry. Skiathos has its own airport (Alexandros Papadiamantis airport) which caters to international charter flights as well as local flights.

If you can t find a direct flight from your country, check the airport of Volos (the nearest major town on the mainland) . Then you can get a ferry or a hydrofoil from Volos to Skiathos. 

To get from Athens airport to Skiathos, you should take a taxi or the underground to reach Kaniggos Square. There you can find ALKYON OFFICE  from which you can take the bus to Agios Konstantinos port. The bus brings you direct to the ferries or the hydrofoils to Skiathos.